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Why Become A Member

Becoming a member and supporting CATA has tremendous benefits in protecting your rights as a taxpayer. CATA is well known in the California tax appeal industry and has significant influence among the various counties and taxing agencies. With your membership, you are not only helping us strive to improve the current tax laws but also achieve the best standards in our industry. Also as part of the membership, you are welcome to take part in our annual members’ conference in which we address current issues both on local and state levels. Join or renew your membership in CATA today!


  • Professional Lobbyist acting on your behalf to
    • Identify material state legislative measures and
    • Escalate relevant topics for action
  • Professional Alliance of Property Tax Professionals
    • Facilitate information exchange
    • Collaborate to influence laws which affect Property Taxation in California
  • Build Professional Relationships by Participating on Committees
    • Membership/Sponsorship
    • Assessor Outreach
    • Board of Equalization public hearings
  • Annual Conference at Ritz Laguna Niguel
    • Presentations may include successful approaches on unique appeal cases, legislative developments, meetings with CA Board of Equalization Elected officials and Assessor’s



2024 CATA Membership Renewal

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